Interactive Soccer Installation

Branded Game Experience
Kick it

The task

For the introduction of the new Sony Z5 at Vodafone’s flagship store, a promotion campaign was to be developed that deftly combined football and mobile phone.


We created a particularly hands-on experience with the Z5 taking centre stage: in a digital goal-scoring contest, participants had to flick the ball from their mobile phone into the goal on the media wall.


The mobile phone became the game controller.

The game was played on mobile phones and the large media wall in the store. Top goal scorers could win tickets for a Champions League match.

The players were accredited via a separate mobile phone. Each player received a gaming coin with a built-in NFC chip. This then recorded the gaming data. The game began when the player held their coin against the mobile phone. Much to their surprise, the player’s names and pictures then popped up in-game straightaway.
The clever integration of mobile phones ensured an impressive gaming experience and the wall provided an unusual dimension that drew huge attention.

Why we love this project

We love games. And we love implementing technically elaborate projects. For this project we had to integrate the game into the pre-existing digital signage system in the store – a fiddly task. But it was worth it! The project became a very special and extremely successful POS activation.