Opening Show

Premium Event Entertainment
let the show begin

The challenge

High-profile guests from politics and industry were invited to the opening of the Hannover Messe International. An innovative show was to open the Hannover Messe International with an impressive presentation of the eleven categories of the trade fair.

Our solution

In order to do justice to the many different categories in a short time, we decided to work with the agency insglück to create a combination of live performance and pre-produced video animations perfectly integrated into the show. The interaction of the performer, light sources and animations created a magical moment.

Live performance and 3D animation – humans and technology as one.

The categories of the trade fair were presented in elaborate 3D animations. The connection between the dynamic light paintings and the artistic performance created an impressive Opening Show that was worthy of the ambitious spirit of the Hannover Messe International.

Why we love this project

The international guests from politics and industry, who have seen it all before, were delighted. Also, the Opening Show was live-streamed online.