Interactive Event Show

Impressive shows – lasting messages
magic moments

The challenge

Our extraordinary shows look to inspire spectators but also to communicate a lasting message. This is how they delight both target groups AND the client.

What we do

We develop for our spectators things that we ourselves love to see on stage. The seamless connection of video content, high-tech equipment and live performance creates magical moments that remain long in the memories of viewers – us included!

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The customer determines the direction of the journey. Do you want to showcase a product, celebrate an anniversary or communicate a message? We create a show tailored to your requirements, transmitting precisely the content that is important to you.

By using the naturally effective integration of images and videos in the event shows, the innovative programs we develop ourselves and high-tech developments, we can create experiences that people like you are seeking. But cannot find.

Why we like great shows

We love the possibilities in the interplay between screen and stage, between pre-produced material and live elements.  It is pure magic to see elements taken off the screen or interacting with the video content live on stage. A stunning fusion of reality melting into virtuality that opens up a new style of entertainment.

Fiction becomes reality and reality becomes fiction