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We create innovative OPENING shows, cutting edge REVEAL presentations and magic moments for your AWARD events.

We are artists, creatives, choreographers, dancers and technicians – who have been making professional use of our extraordinary talents and appetite for the new, with great success.

We employ state-of-the-art show and media technologies, from kinetics to holography. If we need something that doesn’t exist, we develop it ourselves.


This is how we produce unparalleled, unforgettable encounters that fascinate, entertain and touch the audience.

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Interactive Event Show
Interaktive Event Show
Autopräsentation für Porsche
Interaktive Fussball Promotion

Creative Collective

We are artists. And we are here for you. Crazy, right?

We founded studioRAYY fifteen years ago because we have the same vision: We want to surprise people and we love creating great works. This is why we are right for you.

We love what we do. And you will feel the same way.

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»The interplay of fascinating lighting effects, impressive acting and music - we were absolutely thrilled... «
Susanne Speil, Head of Brand Events & Incentives Department, Vodafone GmbH
»We appreciate the creative concepts, the use of new technologies and the perfectly organized implementation.«
Andreas E. Lohaus, Co-Director and Managing Director ART.FAIR International GmbH
»... The way the light show adapted our commercial was outstanding - I think it's a perfect production.«
Susanne Speil, Head of Brand Events & Incentives Department, Vodafone GmbH

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