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Studio for innovative event entertainment and extraordinary presentations

studioRAYY is an ideas lab for innovative show productions, cutting edge presentations and interactive event entertainment.

We are artists, creatives and technicians and for ten years we have been making professional use of our extraordinary talents and appetite for the new, with great success.

We create unparalleled, unforgettable encounters that fascinate, entertain and touch the audience.

Extraordinary presentation

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Spectacular shows for galas, awards and product releases

Show Productions

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Digital interactive installations for innovative exhibition and POS activation

Creative Collective

Who is studioRAYY?

We have 9 minds to think for you. We have 9 right hands that can create anything for you. As it happens, even our left hands know a thing or two. We stand on 18 feet on your behalf. And we certainly do not object to ordering 10 pizzas.

about us
»We really value their creative concepts, use of new technologies and perfectly organised execution.«
Andreas E. Lohaus, Co-Direktor und Geschäftsführung ART.FAIR International GmbH

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