Opening Sports Event

EHF - Handball CL Finals
three, two, one - GO!

Big Games - Big Shows

Around 40,000 spectators turned Cologne into the center of the handball world on the VELUX Final4 weekend. The best teams in Europe fought for the title of the 2017 Handball Champions League. A major sporting event known for their spectacular opening shows.
It is important to set the handball in a worthy setting every year in the most modern and innovative way.

With impressive seven-minute live productions, we opened two of these finals.

The right partner

A fusion of people and technology. To inspire and cheer the audience. The key visual with its colors and keywords Power, Speed, Passion and Teamspirit succeeded in visual and content integration. Top the shows of the last eight years. Imposing and never seen.

Hans Mücke, in the name of Elements Entertainment, asked us to develop these extraordinary requirements together with him and Volker Hagen to create two extraordinary productions.

We design unique show productions.
Innovative ideas. Individual content.
Elaborate light and media techniques. Precise implementation.

Awards and Highlights

Awarded with the BEA World Festival People’s Choice Award 2017 (Gold) as well as the Best Consumer / Public Event
at Golden Award of Montreux ( Gold)

An elaborate production and a brilliant spectacle.

24 mobile LED walls. Light props with over 12,000 programmed light cues. Conception and choreography. Light artists. Acrobats. Dancer. 60 performers. Effective video interaction. Custom developed special lamps.

»Diese Inszenierung ist fett, ziemlich fett, extrem fett!«
Alexander Bonengel, Sky Sport News Reporter

Innovations and a lot of light

A fascinating interplay of people and technology form the setting. The topic of handball always in the foreground. Light as energy of the game. Magical interactions. Precise choreography.
An energy ball, just on the screen, becomes real. Light figures form the lineup of the team. The fight blue against red. Powerful movements. Imposing acrobatics. Animate the audience.

We developed handball sized balls to create scenes of a handball game. With a specially developed control software, we realized the elaborate lighting programming with over 12,000 light cues. We designed choreography and motion design and were responsible for the implementation. The LED tables and steles were made especially for the opening of PRG.

Behind the scenes

Elaborate media production through the CGI and real image merges.

For the complex media production, we have worked with other motion capture systems. The player's slow-motion footage was taken on a treadmill.
With our tool Lichtmaler we produced the light painting scenes. The result are effective video interactions in which the performers pick up the light from the screen and bring it to the playing surface.