Car Presentation for Porsche

Interaktive show performance
Let's reveal

The Challenge

Porsche was looking for a state of the art, a creative showcase for the main price a brand new Boxster 718 at the Leipziger Opernball, expected to be attended by high-profile members of the public and the press. The showcase was to capture the essence of the TV campaign and at the same time accentuate the design.

Our Solution

The car became an active part of the performance. Together with live painted light paintings, elements from the TV adverts transmitted the unmistakeable “Boxster Look”. Following an artistic fireworks display, programmable light sources and coordinated videos closed the show with a grand finale.

The car became the sixth performer.

We moved the vehicle across a revolving stage in time with the dancers, creating a unique choreography that reflected the dynamism of the car.

Light paintings created live around the car highlighted the different aspects of the design.

A superb spectacle!

Why we love this project

In the fantastic interplay between programmable light sources, video interaction, movable projection screen and revolving stage on the technical side, and dance, light painting and artistry on the creative side, we created a spectacular fusion of technology and passion.