Nissan Urban Gaming

Interactive Event Entertainment
Catch me if you can

The challenge

The successful campaign for the Nissan Qashqai was to become a live experience as a Public Guerrilla Event in a roadshow. The promotion was based on the current TV campaign that captures the Urban Experience theme.

Our solution

We wanted to create an extraordinary gaming experience. Instead of playing on a typical screen, we decided to play on interesting facades in the city. Using video mapping and special controllers, we created an interactive interpretation of the TV campaign.
So the urban character was clearly portrayed alongside a new, sensational gaming experience with a great long-distance effect.

Urban Experience = Urban Gaming

The design of the individual levels was adapted to the architecture of different buildings and the game graphics were projected precisely. A game controller we modified was used as a joystick. Up to four players could compete against one another at the same time.

Why we love this project

The unique fusion of video game and architecture made the promotion one of the greatest player experiences in Germany. A successful mix of game, branding and guerrilla marketing.