Ceran™ Experience

Interactive kitchen designer
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The challenge

Schott has invented a new technique which allows Ceran™ surfaces to be printed so that they can be designed for the first time. The new possibilities arising from this for kitchen design were to be presented exclusively to a select audience during an IFA event in Berlin.

Our solution

With our interactive installation, different kitchen designs could be innovatively and individually combined. Each personal creation was projected by video mapping onto a corpus so that it could be viewed and experienced directly.

The special element: a holoprojection!

We discovered a particular input option that captured the materiality of Ceran perfectly: A holoprojection onto glass!
We based the structure of the user interface on the design of the Ceran surfaces.

The kitchen could be shaped intuitively using the touchable surface of the holoprojection.
The transition between the different designs was also elaborately animated.

Why we love this project

The combination of interaction, video mapping and premium animation fascinated and excited the public. The production was also a new stimulus for us to create special media exhibits for exhibitions and trade fairs.