Car showcases at the ART.FAIR

Unique Car Presentation
Let's make it smart

The challenge

The sponsors of Art.Fair / BLOOOM, the internationally famous trade fair for contemporary art, were to be showcased creatively at the trade fair. The presentation was to have an artistic effect and simultaneously inspire and involve the audience.

Our solution

The car as a metamorphic, interactive artwork
We placed each vehicle in the centre of the presentation and developed creative digital tools to enable visitors to use video mapping to remodel the car artistically.

Both car and audience are creatively and artistically staged at the trade show.

The car could be painted with light using a touchscreen. Our illustrator completed hundreds of drawings on location and at the same time motivated the audience to be just as creative.

Let's make it smart

For smart we enhanced the concept. We created the background of the trade fair stand with an elaborate drawing that captured the current smart campaign, then enhanced this using video mapping to include stylised photos of guests.

»The ART.FAIR trade show for modern and contemporary art in Cologne has been working with Lichtfaktor for years.«
»We really value their creative concepts, use of new technologies, perfectly organised execution, as well as the exceptionally strong and personal commitment of the whole team.«
Andreas E. Lohaus, Co-Director and Managing Director of ART.FAIR International GmbH

What we love about the project

The audience was delighted by the creative integration of the car in the trade fair. The campaign became part of the art fair – a great fusion of art and product presentation. Furthermore, the interaction with the audience generated a great deal of attention and was lots of fun.