Light Painting Show

Showcasing with light
let there be light

Fascination Light

Light is our most important medium – our light performances have impressed audiences worldwide.

What we do

Our shows arise in a fantastic fusion of futuristic light sources, breathtaking art and unique light drawings. They capture the imagination of the spectator – and communicate your message.

»The Award Night of our client was extremly up graded by Lichtfaktor with a breathtaking light performance...«
»...Thanks for the creative and professional support...«
»...The collaboration was a big additional benefit for our event.«
Sarah Buchholz, Marketing & Sales Management, LK Aktiengesellschaft

Nothing from us is ‘off the peg’ – each and every show is tailor-made!

All shows can be staged in your chosen colour scheme. Branding elements, logos, text, graphics and other content can be integrated seamlessly. Our specially developed light sources make words appear in the air; products become part of a light collage created live on stage.

Why we love Light Painting Shows

Light offers our creativity enormous freedom – all content can be presented incomparably and unforgettably. Light is communication!