Light Painting App

Paint with light on the iPad

Lume is the most advanced light painting app in the App Store. Instead of camera and torch, Lume creates wonderful light paintings just by drawing with a finger. They are hardly differentiable from  real light paintings.

Anyone can create fantastic light paintings

There’s no need to be a great artist to have fun with our App. Even the simplest drawings look amazing. Design your own birthday invitations, send a greeting to someone you love or paint a light painting self-portrait for social media channels. And if it’s classic light painting that interests you, you’ll find Lume a useful tool for developing first drafts.

»Over 100.000 downloads...«
»...Over 4.000 positive reviews in the App Store with 4,4 of 5 stars...«
»...Featured on buzzfeed, creativebloq, fstoppers and many more«

The app is the combined product of all our knowledge and experience.

All light tools are based on real light. This is why drawings with Lume have such incomparable brilliance.

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Why we love Lume

We haven’t earned any money with Lume but something far better – the love of its users. Lume has a rating of 4.4 in the App Store. We’ve also received countless enthusiastic comments and e-mails from people all over the world, telling us how much they like Lume.