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Light is Knowledge

Inauguration of the Qatar National Library in Doha

The conceptual theme for the event is based on an ancient symbol: Light is knowledge.

The crowning highlight was the specially designed and tailor-made opening show. Accompanied by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra with a therefor composed piece.

Impressive Opening Ceremony

client: Qatar Foundation
agency: fischer appellt Qatar
direction & co-creation: Hans Mücke
music composer: Eímear Noone et al.
music performed live by: Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
special thanks to Antje Rabenstein, Boris Hirschmüller and their team


How to convey a vision

We chose Storytelling to create an immersive experience for the audience. Taking everyone with us on a journey through history, glimpsing into the future ahead. And therefore emphasize the significance of the Qatar National Library.

Interactive Storytelling

The performer guides the audience through the history of books in Qatar. Using a unique and fitting motion design, which merges from historic to modern and ends in with a powerfull interactive light painting show.
The show is accompanied by a voice-over and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.
The event has been broadcasted live.

Stage integration

The stage was positioned in the middle of the library, so that the guests would be surrounded by bookshelves and could appreciate the openess. We digitally continued the bookshelves as LED screens to merge them with a center curved screen. The side panels looked like bookshelves and were only revealed as LED panels in the Opening Show.

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