Interactive Room Installation

Audio-visual concert
Let there be light

The challenge

For Luminale 2014, the main hall of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt was to be made a stage that appealed to the public. Here, the exhibits and the museum were to be linked visually with the Luminale light festival.

Our solution

We used video mapping to design a large 360° projection of the main room. With software we developed especially for the event, well-known artists from the Frankfurt graffiti scene and live music from Denmark, we created fascinating sounds and light collages on location that took the audience on a journey through time and space.

Ambience – the magic of the moment in a space without time.

Exhibits in the museum such as bones, plants and rocks as well as light masks were brought together using long exposure to make ever-changing light collages that captured visitors under their spell. The timelessness of the museum was in unusual contrast to the transient audio-visual performance.

Why we love this project

There’s nothing better than a live performance! It’s fantastic for both audience and artists when the sparks fly. Here it all worked perfectly – the initiative was one of the highlights of Luminale 2014.