Interactive Video Mapping

Creative Architecture Installation
Change your City

The challenge

During the Luminale festival, the transformation of the city of Frankfurt into a Green City was to be staged visually and artistically. Visitors of the light festival were able to participate in the initiative.

Our solution

We decided to transform the Römer, Frankfurt’s city hall and a familiar landmark. To do this we developed a new tool that allowed visitors to use video mapping to reshape the facade and even leave a personal message.

Great fun for all ages, both young and old in Frankfurt had a great deal of fun communicating messages and re designing the city hall facade and at the same time campaigning for the greener future of their city.

The interactive installation was easy and intuitive to operate. The connection of drawing and architecture enabled the creation of spectacular light paintings. Several motifs also showed different aspects of power saving in a modern city.

What we love about the project

Reactions were staggering. Visitors became active shapers of the urban landscape and created countless visions of a Green City. Interaction at its best!